Street Food:Batangueno Style

We’ve heard that if we wanted to sample the local “street food “of Lipa, Batangas the best place to go is the “Night Market”. So, with food photography in my mind, off we went…our tummies ready for some tasty snack. It’s nothing like the usual street market you’d see in Manila, which are lined with clothes, toys, pirated DVD’s, knick-knacks and other what-nots. This night market was lined with oodles and oodles of food stalls with a few “trinkets” stalls here and there. But mostly they sell food, from the local Batangas cuisine to the everyday fishball you’d see on the streets of Manila.

Laing, Shrimp with coconut milk, and something else I forgot to ask what

Snails in coconut milk

Local version of Suman (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf)

Chicken Head and Chicken skin dipped in your choice of vinegar

pork bbq and isaw (chicken intestine)

Cheeseroll with mayo

Lumpia at Palabok

Corn on a cob

Apples and Oranges

Lanzones at Manga

Fruit Vendor


4 thoughts on “Street Food:Batangueno Style

  1. I love a good food street market – Shilin markets in Taipei is also excellent for food.

    I have never seen chicken intestine before did you try any? I know pork intestine is pretty good though..chewy

    • I”ve been wanting to go to Taipei for sooo long. When I do get a chance i’ll definitely put Shilin market in my list.

      Yes, I did try the chicken intestine. It was interesting it took a little getting use to. But after a few more bites it was pretty good. I actually came back for more. I like it a little toasted so its crunchy rather than soft and chewy.

      • hmmm sounds interesting if I ever seen it I will give it a go.

        When you get to Taipei make sure you try some stinky tofu – people so it’s an acquired taste but I quite like it. Also don’t forget to try a traditional chinese breakfast with the fried breadstick wrapped in baked bread and hot soymilk!!

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